Lampascioni in oil

An experience with a strong taste that you can no longer give up. Jars of lampascioni with a bittersweet aftertaste. From about 10 centimetres under the ground to your plate the pace will be short, even if it takes time and so much attention to preparing.


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More commonly known as “wild onions” because they are like onion bulbs.
They are washed properly, seared in water and vinegar and cleaned manually with a knife to get the heart of the lampascione. Finally, they are immersed in extra virgin olive oil with fresh mint and chilli pepper.

For tasting
Rich in minerals and vitamins are a truly traditional product of Puglia. Special if accompanied to a slice of meat or used in refined aperitifs. They have diuretic properties and the ability to lower fats and sugars in the blood.

Ingredients: lampascioni, vinegar, salt