The oleifici

The olive oil has marked the history of Puglia over the centuries. The historical Oleifici Rotondo mill is located in the countryside of Monopoli. An authentically rural scenario represented by majestic secular olive trees, red heart and sea.

A genuine dream

In 1958, in a simple old house, a genuine dream about an oil mill came to life. After 70 years, the oil is still produced with the same love of the time, to satisfy loyal locals and national customers.
In the district of Sant’Antonio d’Ascula, L’Assunta, just 7 km from the city of Monopoli, you can find this bucolic microcosm wanted by Luigi Rotondo. His heritage of knowledge and experience that today have inherited his two sons, Antonella and Silvio, along with his nephew Silvana. But the presence in the company of the founder Luigi is still valuable in overseeing the production of excellent extra virgin olive oils. Here olives are cultivated as 70 years ago and only after a careful maturation are hand-picked with scrupulous attention.


The Oleifici Rotondo are a beautiful reality created by the entrepreneurial intuition of Luigi Rotondo. Back in 1958, he realized that was possible to create a family oil mill and so meet the needs of the landowners in the area. Once the olives were harvested, they had the urgent need for these to be milled to obtain a good quality production.

Corporate mission

Satisfy the consumers’ needs by focusing on the quality and not on the quantity of the oil production. It is fundamental to combine the know-how of a family tradition with the technologies available at the mill. It is also important to know how to listen daily to the wishes of each customer.


Consolidate the culture of high-quality extra virgin olive oil beyond regional borders to contribute to the constant improvement of production.

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