The crusher and the production

The quality standards of the production of the Oleifici Rotondo are also guaranteed by a scrupulous cold pressing. This system allows to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil and to maintain unchanged its vitamins.

The oil season

The tenacity of the Rotondo family was always moved by the will to transmit certain values of the peasant culture. The sounds, the scents of a long time ago are still tangent around the courtyard of the building and among the fields of this beautiful district.
In the “oil season”, near the oil mill, everything starts at the first lights of the morning. Here the main harvest method is called “by burning”, during which the olives are pulled away from the branches with zero contact with the soil.

The oil "ours"

Olives are harvested with special care, at the right point of ripeness, to give life to valuable oils. Oils are now loved and appreciated also outside of Puglia. A production that continues to prioritize quality over quantity because excellence requires a spirit of sacrifice. The Rotondo family and the oil mill workers have known this for decades. The delicacy brought to the table is primarily made thanks to olives transported to the mill immediately after harvesting. The wisdom of Luigi teaches us that the time of production accounts for nearly 50% to make a “good” oil.

The value of reception

Those who arrive at the Rotondo’s mill in Monopoli can immediately feel the tradition. Everything here seems to turn into an experience be visiting each environment of the house. Being a “family” company becomes a strength.
And to give further beauty to this experience is the presence of a countryside rich in fortified farms, dry stone walls, rock settlements and the Mediterranean flora. All this is just a few kilometres from the major international tourist centres such as Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Locorotondo, Polignano a Mare. The kindness of the Rotondo family also finds expression in their joy of wanting to share with their visitors some typical tastings. From baked goods such as taralli and dried tomatoes, artichokes, eggplants, lampascioni in oil. A family that has always worked thanks to nature, that has to be respected in every way every day for its beautiful sacredness.

Bring the Rotondo’s Oil to your table

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