Fillets of aubergines in oil

A must in every season. A preserve that reminds us how once these delicacies were the only supply of the winter season for the peasant culture. The stocks have be stored carefully to cope with the coldest months.


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Delicious eggplant fillets of the Dalia variant, choosen to make the real difference at the table. Fillets skillfully worked as traditional commands in extra virgin olive oil.
A recipe that encloses the value of seasonality. These aubergines are picked only from June to September, after being grown on-site and in the field with an integrated system.
Perfect for daily use or special events. Excellent for those who love a touch of spiciness given by the addition of chilli, also processed by hand as soon as picked from the plant.

For tasting
Delicious for an appetiser, side dish or aperitif to enjoy with your friends. But not to be missed on top of a bruschetta. Only vinegar and salt for natural preservation, everything is processed and preserved with the pasteurisation method.

Ingredients: eggplant, chilli, vinegar and salt