Extra virgin olive oil Mammarella

The soul of our land
Extra virgin olive oil | cold extract | 100 % Italian

The spearhead of Oleifici Rotondo’s production is the Evo Mammarella. It is an excellence obtained from a unique blend, three different varieties of olives typical of Apulia. The “pesciolen”, “leccina” and “cima di mola”. From the combination of these comes a supreme extra virgin olive oil.
Your eye will be immediately captivated by the shades of its colours. The rest will be conquered by a taste that will remind you of the atmosphere of ancient peasant culture. Particular attention is paid to the percentages of acidity present. Continuous analyses allow the Evo Mammarella to be truly sublime.


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100ml, 500 ml, 250 ml, 1 lt

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To the eye: bright, lively, green tending to bright yellow
On the nose: an intense aromatic vegetable bouquet with hints of almond and.
Taste: harmonious and round, with an intense flavour with a vegetal scent (flavours of artichoke and almond). So delicate, despite its slightly spicy soul

Ideal for seasoning dishes in which the taste of the oil must dominate among the other ingredients. For first courses, rice or pasta salads, grilled vegetables, main courses of meat, soups. Used “raw” to give labour to simple crostini or bruschette.