Extra virgin olive oil Longevo

Gift of centuries-old olive trees
Extra virgin olive oil | cold extract | 100 % Italian

This extra virgin olive oil produced by the Oleifici Rotondo has the added value of the “historicity”. In fact, it is obtained from centuries-old olive trees that surround the countryside.
Its unique taste is given by the only cultivar employed in its production. Because the “Cima di Mola” is an increasingly rare variety present in the land of Bari. A native variety to be jealously guarded and cared for as the Rotondo family does.
In addition to being special to the palate, the Evo Longevo is precious for its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. A slightly bitter taste due to the very high content of polyphenols relevant to our health.
There are small quantities of this oil, which is capable of keeping intact the olive-growing tradition of this corner of Puglia. Quantities are limited because excellence requires time and carefulness.


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To the eye: bright yellow
On the nose: intense, full-bodied and fruity with hints of fresh hazelnut, tomato peel and radicchio
Taste: bitter and spicy tones to be enveloping and persistent on the palate.

Its harmonious taste makes it ideal for seasoning various dishes and make red and green sauces, red meats and boiled meat. Also precious to honour traditional dishes of Puglia such as fava beans and chicory or orecchiette with “cime di rapa”.

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